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The Full Story

I write about the stories that have captured my interest. Over the years I have fallen in love and been inspired by many characters and their tales of heroics, of pain and enlitement. However, while falling in love with these stories, I also develope a headache everytime I try and make sense of their timelines and plot points. Have you ever tried to put the Game of Thrones story in order or the events of the Star Wars universe? Well I have. I've created spreadsheets of events, fact checked based on canon souces, which plots the timelines of mny different stories. 

As well as creating timlines, I also plot fictiona family trees. The Starks, the Targaryians and the Baratheons where a headache, with many gaps in them. These family trees exisits in several different formats - the origional cannon form, which have the blank spaces, and the non-canon form which have 'canon names' filling the blank spaces. Interestingly, there are a few names which can be moved - especially with someone like King Jaeherys II who is brother and son of the same king.

Pencil with Eraser
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